Hinged Rings for Athletic Lifestyles

Don’t let your ring slow down your active lifestyle. See how hinged rings can help you stay active with a ring that fits.

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Lauren had always been active and enjoyed constantly being on the move. Since she was a toddler, she was always running around and making her parents play tag, or any other game she could dream up. As she got older, her love for running around turned her into a star athlete, from kiddie soccer up to varsity lacrosse in high school.

In college, Lauren joined every club sport she could, hoping to meet some new people and stay active. First thing in the morning she would head to the gym to get her weight training in, then sit through her classes eagerly waiting for her soccer practice in the evening. As she got close with the girls on her teams, they started getting ready for school events and nights out together, sharing their closets and their makeup stockpiles. Being a multi-sport athlete for years left her alienated from her teammates as she constantly bounced between different practices and competitions. Now, Lauren loved having a group of girls she could open up to and share everything with, like sisters she never had growing up. They swapped necklaces and earrings, and Lauren began to love accessorizing, to add a little sparkle to each outfit. Even now, years out of college, she can’t leave the house without a little something extra to dress up her outfits.

But, her love of accessories didn’t mesh well with her love of staying active. Every morning before she headed to the gym, she had to push her rings over her knuckles, remember to take her necklaces off, and make sure she was wearing earrings that wouldn’t fall off while she ran her warm up laps.

The most annoying part of Lauren’s morning routine was forcing her rings off. As much as she loved them, they were just a little too snug on her fingers to slide off easily. Then when she went to put her rings back on after her workouts, she noticed her fingers had swelled even more from water retention and she had to wait an hour to slide her rings back on. She had tried to just wear her rings as she worked out, but they kept clanging against the barbells during her sets, and she started noticing little dents sprinkled on her rings.

A Solution that Clicks

Lauren sent a quick text to their group chat, thinking they may have had the same issues. While waiting for a response, she started her own research. As she scrolled past engagement rings for active lifestyles and silicone rings, she didn’t see anything she loved. Lauren knew she wouldn’t need an engagement ring any time soon, and none of the other options were stylish enough to fit into her collection of dainty, minimalist jewelry.

That’s when her phone lit up and Sam, one of her best friends from college, responded to her text. “Hey Lauren! When Tom and I were looking at wedding bands we saw CLIQ rings in the store. They were pretty cool, they had a hinge so they were easy to take off.”

Lauren was intrigued and she took a look at CLIQ’s options. After some scrolling, she found the Barbelle ring and thought it would be a great addition to her collection, if the hinge worked as promised. She decided to order a Fit Kit to find her true ring size in case she decided to take the plunge.

A few days later Lauren spotted a small package on her patio and ran to bring it in, ready to try out the CLIQ rings. She clicked one of the sizers open, then clicked it around her pointer finger. Then she clicked it on and off again, a million times, excited to see how easy it was to take the sizing ring on and off. She was hopeful that she was done squeezing her rings over her fingers before heading to the gym.

She knew the ring would be a great addition to her collection, but decided to hold off until after her performance review at work. She had a feeling that a promotion was coming and she wanted to celebrate it properly. So, she waited until the day came to meet with her boss. She walked into the conference room with sweaty palms, and walked out with a huge smile. She was now a regional manager for her company, and she was ready to celebrate. As soon as she got back to her office, she placed her order for the Barbelle ring.

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An Accessory That Clicks

For the next few weeks, Lauren checked her patio every time she walked past her front door. Finally, another package from CLIQ arrived and she tore it open. Her thin gold band sparkled as she clicked it open and snapped it into place. It was a perfect fit and she was relieved that it clicked on and off perfectly. Best of all, once she clicked the ring on the hinge nearly disappeared from view and gave the same seamless look of her previous rings.

The next morning, Lauren woke up and got dressed for the gym. Click her ring came off without any issues, and no pain. She was relieved that she found a ring that she loves while also being practical, it was just what she was looking for.

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The Benefits of CLIQ Hinged Rings for Active Lifestyles

A Seamless Fit That Adapts to You

Rings are meant to slide over knuckles, but built for fingers. With CLIQ hinged rings for large knuckles, you can skip your knuckle and click your ring right at the base of your finger for a painless fit.

A Stylish Solution

CLIQ rings are designed with jewelry artisans and expert engineers to create a beautiful ring that reflects your personal style. Whether you want a dazzling diamond or a simple gold band, CLIQ provides comfort and style.

Quality Materials

As a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), we craft high quality rings with responsibly sourced materials that will last for decades. Thanks to the blend of cutting edge engineering and artisan design, you can rely on your CLIQ ring to age gracefully with you.

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