Product Care

We are proud to offer you the highest level of quality craftsmanship and the exceptional experience of a custom fit ring. You can feel confident that we are committed to excellence in workmanship and service and want you to enjoy your CLIQ ring for years to come.

The mechanism will work on its own; no need to handle the latch. To maintain the mechanism, we recommend having your ring inspected and cleaned by a CLIQ Authorized Dealer every six months.

For occasional cleaning, use a soft brush with liquid soap on the open mechanism, then rinse and dry.

If the latch area is loose or if an audible “click” is absent, this a sign that the ring requires adjustment. Visit a CLIQ Authorized Dealer and have the tension adjusted.

To maintain the longevity of your CLIQ ring, follow these easy tips:

• Avoid buildup of oily materials and debris, such as hand lotions and soaps. If a buildup does occur, run warm water over the mechanism and consider a professional cleaning.

• Like all fine jewelry, always remove your CLIQ ring before lifting weights, rock climbing, golfing, or participating in other activities that place excessive pressure on your ring. Instead of leaving your ring in your locker, you can CLIQ it right to a belt loop, or shirt strap.

Is CLIQ technology safe?

Absolutely! We've been making rings CLIQ for almost 40 years, and when you hear the "click" of confidence, you know your ring is on securely.

How do I know what ring size I need?

Because CLIQ rings fit at the base of your finger, opening completely to bypass the knuckle, your true finger size is needed. The easiest way to determine your true finger size is by ordering a CLIQ Fit Kit, or visiting your local Authorized Dealer for assistance.

I haven't been able to wear my ring. Can you make it CLIQ?

Yes! CLIQ can transform any ring of any style to have a hinged shank by using the retrofit process.

If you haven't been able to wear a sentimental ring due to an injury, medical condition, or arthritis, or if you've always had difficulties finding a proper fit for your rings, consider a CLIQ retrofit!

What if I don't hear the "click" when I close my ring?

Any mechanical object needs to be properly maintained. Just like your car needs to be inspected annually, your fine jewelry needs to be inspected every 6-12 months. Take your ring to an authorized dealer and it will be inspected and adjusted to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you do not hear the click, that is a sign that your ring needs to be adjusted.

My ring has details or diamonds on the sides and bottom of it. Can you make it CLIQ?

Absolutely! CLIQ rings are solid gold or platinum, which allows us to fully customize each ring and incorporate fine details like engraving and accent stones.

What if I don't have my stylus?

Your CLIQ stylus is specially engineered with a resin tip that will protect the polished finish of your ring. If your CLIQ stylus is not available, a ballpoint pen or a toothpick can be used to remove your ring.

How do I put my CLIQ ring on and take it off?

What is a CLIQ Retrofit?

CLIQ can transform any existing ring to have a hinged shank by using the retrofit process. This fully custom process involves removing the original, traditional shank and replacing it with a hinged CLIQ shank. The ring is carefully blended to maintain its original beauty and appearance, while transforming it to fit as comfortably as ever.

If you haven't been able to wear a sentimental ring due to an injury, medical condition, or arthritis, or if you've always had difficulties finding a proper fit for your rings, consider a CLIQ retrofit!

Can I get CLIQ outside of the United States?

Certainly! CLIQ is available in over 30 countries worldwide. Wherever you are, we can make your ring fit perfectly! Visit our Authorized Dealer Locator to find your nearest jeweler or stockist.

What is Superfit?

In 1993, when we first invented our patented technology, we were born as Superfit. Over the years, the audible “click” of confidence became our signature, and we reintroduced ourselves as CLIQ Jewelry. Our rings still feature the same trusted technology, backed by the same family of experts with a modern and refreshed name.


Each CLIQ ring is custom-made, tailored to your specifications and proudly handcrafted in our studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in a specific size or style and unable to find it on our website, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss all available options with you. In maintaining the highest level of quality craftsmanship, please allow 10-14 days for delivery of your online order.

We accept the following forms of payment for online purchases: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal and Affirm.


Each CLIQ ring is shipped fully insured via FedEx Priority Overnight delivery. A signature is required at the time of delivery for all shipments. If you are unable to provide a signature at time of delivery, please contact us to provide an updated shipping address. To ensure the secure delivery of your order, we do not ship to P.O. boxes.

Most products will ship within 10-14 days of ordering. If there is a delay, we will contact you with the expected ship date. Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with the shipment’s tracking information.


CLIQ Jewelry wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We accept returns of online orders within 30 days of purchase, for a full credit towards a future purchase, or for a refund (less shipping, handling, and a 10% restocking fee).

Returns must be new, unaltered, unworn, and accompanied by the original packaging and sales receipt. CLIQ will not accept returns of special orders or customized merchandise (sized, engraved, etc.) or any merchandise that shows signs of wear. CLIQ reserves the right to refuse any returns.

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