Transform Your Rings for the Perfect Fit

Your most important rings should always fit comfortably, no matter what life throws at you. CLIQ technology offers a seamless, custom hinge solution for your existing rings.

Retrofit Your Ring with CLIQ Technology

Don’t let discomfort keep you from wearing your ring. With generations of expertise, our artisan jewelers can carefully integrate a CLIQ mechanism with your existing ring, maintaining its original beauty while making it more comfortable with its hinged design.

The CLIQ In-Store Process

01. Visit an Authorized Dealer

Bring your ring to the nearest authorized CLIQ dealer where the retailer will evaluate your existing ring and provide more information about the retrofit process.

02. Find Your True Ring Size

The authorized dealer will measure your finger using CLIQ sizing rings to determine your true finger size.

03. Integrate CLIQ Technology Into Your Existing Ring

CLIQ will work with the authorized dealer to determine your cost estimate. Once approved, the authorized dealer will begin the installation process in-house, or send the ring directly to the CLIQ studios to have the installation process completed.

04. Enjoy Your Custom Fit

Within a matter of weeks, your custom retrofitted ring will be transformed and ready to fit as comfortably as ever.

Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Rings

Visit your nearest authorized CLIQ dealer to speak with a jeweler about transforming your most precious rings.