Custom Fit Rings for Arthritic Fingers

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The Struggle for Comfort

Meet Susan and Paul. They just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and are enjoying their quiet house, now that their two kids are off to college. But, Paul has noticed lately that his hands ache and his fingers feel stiff with everyday tasks. It’s especially noticeable when he tries to take his wedding ring off to make bread. A few months ago, he noticed that it took extra time and force to slide his ring over his knuckle, and now he can’t take it off without risking hurting his finger.

Since then, Susan started buying bread from the food market since Paul has stopped making it at home, but it doesn’t taste the same. When she asked him if it was because he needed help kneading, he explained that it was because his ring no longer fit over his knuckle and he didn't want to get it dirty with the flour, water and yeast.

Paul loves his ring, but he knew it was time to find a new one that could adapt with him, so he started shopping around. After looking at some flexible silicone options that didn’t live up to the timelessness of his current gold band, he asked for Susan’s help. She agreed that the silicone rings weren’t an elegant, long-lasting solution to symbolize their commitment to each other, so together they started the search for rings for arthritis sufferers that could replace Paul’s elegant gold band.

A Solution that Clicks

Susan looked online for a new ring that would accommodate Paul’s arthritic fingers — a ring that could come on and off without pain. After some research for rings for arthritis sufferers, Susan stumbled across CLIQ. The hinged ring was exactly what they were looking for; an elegant ring with a luxurious feel that could live up to his current ring.

She excitedly showed Paul the different ring styles, knowing he would love the yellow gold bands that looked like his current ring. As Paul browsed the rings, he liked the idea of having an easily removable ring that wouldn’t require him to force it over his knuckle.

Paul suggested getting his current ring retrofitted with a hinge, so he could keep the ring he’s loved for over 20 years. Susan liked the idea, but she pointed out that Paul’s ring had warped over time with constant wear and was no longer a perfect circle, so it was better to replace it with something brand new and custom for Paul.

Together they ordered a CLIQ Fit Kit, so that Paul could find the perfect fit for his ring finger. When it arrived in the mail, Paul snapped on the sizing rings and quickly learned he was a size 10, a whole size smaller than his original ring. It fit perfectly and he was excited to see the sizing ring in action. Snapping the sizing ring on and off was easy and painless, which put him and Susan at ease. They packed up the Fit Kit and dropped it in the mailbox, ready to go online and order Paul’s gold band.

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Finding Happily Ever After, Again

Days later, Susan spotted a hefty package in the mail and called Paul over. They opened up the box and Paul’s shiny new hinged ring glowed before them. Click. Paul opened the ring and put it around the base of his finger. Click. Then he secured it for a perfectly snug fit.

Susan and Paul love the sleek, timeless look of Paul’s new ring. It’s just similar enough to his old one that it matches Susan’s wedding band, but with the added comfort of the hinge. Now Paul can return to his passion and make him and Susan’s favorites – artisan and sourdough bread, without concern that his ring will get dirty or get in the way of the kneading process. With just two clicks he can comfortably remove and put back on his new ring, for years to come.

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The Benefits of CLIQ Hinged Rings for Arthritic Fingers

A Painless Fit That Adapts to You

Rings are sized for fingers, but have to slide over knuckles to sit comfortably. If you suffer from swollen, arthritic joints it can be painful to squeeze your knuckle through your ring. With CLIQ rings you can easily and painlessly take your ring off without worry.

A Stylish Solution

Other rings for arthritis sufferers lack the elegance and sophistication of CLIQ’s precious metal rings. Instead of replacing your wedding band with a flimsy silicone or rubber ring, CLIQ offers high quality gold and platinum rings that accommodate swollen joints.

Quality Materials

As a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), we craft high quality rings with responsibly sourced materials that will last for decades. Thanks to the blend of cutting edge engineering and artisan design, you can rely on your CLIQ ring to age gracefully with you.

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