Timeless Hinged Rings for Large Knuckles

Get a better fit with CLIQ’s collection of sleek, modern hinged rings for large knuckles.

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The Struggle for a Snug Fit

Mike and Jonathan recently got engaged at their anniversary dinner and they’re already dreaming up their wedding plans. They have grand visions for their ceremony and they’re excited to ask their best friend, who introduced the couple, to officiate.

When they started dreaming up their ceremony, they realized that they needed to start shopping for wedding bands. Before they decided to go back to the same jewelry store where Mike bought Jonathan's engagement ring, Mike tried on Jonathan's ring to see if their finger sizes were similar. Even though the ring was sized perfectly for Jonathan, Mike found that - as with any ring he’s tried on - it was an uncomfortable fit. . Rings that sat comfortably on his finger had trouble sliding over his knuckle. When a ring went over his knuckle easily, it moved too much around his finger to be a secure fit, and he was worried he would lose it.

Knowing he would wear this ring for the rest of his life, Mike wanted to make sure he found his perfect fit that would sit snugly without hurting his knuckles. Mike reached out to his friend Leah regarding his concern for finding a wedding ring that fits at the jewelry store. Since her husband also has large knuckles, she suggested looking for a hinged ring that could open and close around the base of his finger.

A Solution that Clicks

Mike and Jonathan started looking into hinged rings and other flexible solutions. They saw some silicone rings, but they didn’t quite match the vision the couple had for their wedding bands. They were flimsy and didn’t look like an authentic expression of their love and commitment to each other. While doing some searching, CLIQ rings caught Mike’s eye for their elegant, seamless design. It had the hinge he was looking for, without being bulky and still reflecting his taste for the finer things in life.

He showed CLIQ’s collection to Jonathan and they were both pleasantly surprised by the wide range of styles. They both found styles they liked, and Johnathan thought it would be nice to match their rings and both chose hinged rings.

After ordering their Fit Kits, they were excited to discover their true finger size so they could have rings that fit for life. When the Fit Kit arrived in the mail, they found it easy to click the sizer on and off. Mike was relieved that he could click it on without needing it to force it over his knuckle. Seeing the sizing ring excited him for the ring he was about to order.

Now that they knew their true ring sizes, Mike and Jonathan browsed the styles and chose coordinating wedding bands.

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Finding Happily Ever After, Again

When the mailman dropped off a bulky package on their front step, they knew their rings had finally arrived. They ripped the package open and took turns clicking the rings onto each other’s fingers. Jonathan loves his sleek ring more than anything he tried on at the jewelry store, and he likes knowing that it will adapt with him as he ages.

Mike is thrilled that he found a hinged ring for large knuckles so he can wear his wedding ring comfortably for the rest of his life. Faced with the idea that he might struggle to take his ring on and off as he washes his hands and showers for the next 60 years, he worried about how comfortable his wedding ring would be. Now, he doesn’t have to worry anymore and he knows he can easily click his ring on and off whenever he needs to.

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The Benefits of CLIQ Hinged Rings for Large Knuckles

A Seamless Fit That Adapts to You

Rings are meant to slide over knuckles, but built for fingers. With CLIQ hinged rings for large knuckles, you can skip your knuckle and click your ring right at the base of your finger for a painless fit.

A Stylish Solution

CLIQ rings are designed with jewelry artisans and expert engineers to create a beautiful ring that reflects your personal style. Whether you want a dazzling diamond or a simple gold band, CLIQ provides comfort and style.

Quality Materials

As a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), we craft high quality rings with responsibly sourced materials that will last for decades. Thanks to the blend of cutting edge engineering and artisan design, you can rely on your CLIQ ring to age gracefully with you.

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