Timeless Rings for Pregnant Women

Hinged rings for pregnant women accommodate your body as your pregnancy progresses, while showing off your style so you can look and feel your best.

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The Pressures of Pregnancy

Last year, after becoming homeowners, Emily and Mark decided that it was finally time to start their family. After months of anxiously checking pregnancy tests, they saw two lines pop up. The couple eagerly shared the news with their family and as reality set in, Emily started feeling the first trimester symptoms. She couldn’t keep food down, her pants started to feel too tight, and her swollen fingers made it hard to take her engagement and wedding rings off to wash her face at night.

As her baby grew, Emily could easily solve some of her challenges, like swapping her jeans for leggings. But, as her fingers got bigger and her rings got tighter, she started looking for help. It was nearly impossible to take her rings on and off just to hop in the shower or wash her face, but she was worried about constantly getting her jewelry wet and having the soap build up. Since Emily had always dreamt of having a big family, she knew this wouldn’t be the last time she had this issue, so she started doing some research.

Emily started searching for rings for pregnant women, but didn’t find anything she loved. She thought about buying a silicone ring as a temporary solution since it would be waterproof when she washed her face or showered. Plus, it had the flexibility she was looking for if she needed to slide it over her knuckles to take it off, unlike her current silver bands.

The more she browsed, the more she realized that she didn’t want to give up her rings — there was just nothing out there that compared to the ring Mark chose for her. She loves the three stone ring he picked out, and whenever she looks at it she remembers their dreamy trip to Sonoma when Mark popped the question. When she showed Mark some of the options for rings for pregnant women, he reminded her that if she got a new ring, they wouldn’t have matching wedding bands anymore. They wanted to keep their matching wedding bands so they could still feel close, even when they were apart.

When her research didn’t turn up any good results, she turned to her pregnancy support groups to see if any other expectant moms had similar issues with their wedding rings. A commenter suggested a hinged ring. Another member had gotten a ring retrofitted from CLIQ, and it seemed like the perfect solution.

Turning Old Into New

Emily browsed the CLIQ site and learned more about hinged rings. She realized that this was exactly what she was looking for, but wanted to make sure she could use the hinge solution with her rings. After some exploring, she saw the option to get her current rings retrofitted with a hinge.

Instead of swapping her rings, which were only a few years old, for new ones, she could get a hinged shank installed on her current rings. She was relieved that she could keep her rings without having to worry about her fingers swelling for the next few months, or when she was ready to have another baby. She found a CLIQ dealer near her home, who also happened to be the jeweler she bought her wedding band from and already felt comfortable trusting him with her jewelry. After showing Mark the hinge option, she went to the jeweler with him to start the retrofit process for her rings.

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A Solution That Adapts With You

Emily worked with her jeweler to get her ring retrofitted with CLIQ’s hinge technology. The jeweler started by sizing Emily’s finger so he could work with CLIQ to add the hinge and ensure it would be seamless — almost like it wasn’t there. When the jeweler clicked on the CLIQ sizing ring, she knew she had made the right choice.

Emily left her rings with the jeweler, expecting to hear more about her rings in a few days. The jeweler had explained that once CLIQ received the rings, they would inspect them, then send a time and cost estimate before starting any work to ensure both Emily and the jeweler were happy with the process.

When Emily heard from her jeweler a few days later, she was happy to hear that CLIQ was moving forward with her retrofit and that she would have it back in a week or two.

When she clicked her rings on, she was relieved that they fit perfectly, like nothing had changed. Now she could take her rings on and off as she needed, without worrying about hurting her fingers or getting her rings stuck. She was thrilled that she could keep her rings without sacrificing comfort, especially since it would last a lifetime and accommodate her growing family for years to come.

Mark was happy to see that her rings looked the same thanks to the seamless hinge and they could still match each other. The couple was relieved that they could make Emily more comfortable for this pregnancy, and any others that followed.

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The Benefits of CLIQ Hinged Rings for Pregnant Women

A Fit Just for You

With a CLIQ retrofit, you can make your rings fit just right and adapt to your needs. When you choose a retrofit, all rings can become rings for pregnant women with our unique technology.

Keep Your Ring

Instead of finding a new ring that you love, a retrofit lets you keep your current ring and upgrade it. Whether your ring is two or 20 years old, we can ensure it looks the same with the added benefit of a hinge so you can wear it comfortably for another 20 years.

Quality Materials

As a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), we craft high quality rings with responsibly sourced materials that will last for decades. Thanks to the blend of cutting edge engineering and artisan design, you can rely on your CLIQ ring to age gracefully with you.

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