Your fine jewelry deserves a custom fit.

Whether it’s the ring with which you exchanged your vows, or the ring you worked hard to put on your own finger, your jeweler can seamlessly integrate CLIQ technology into your existing jewelry.

Every ring is unique

No matter the age, style, or design, we can integrate our patented hinge and latch system into virtually any ring. Our highly-skilled team brings generations of expertise to each, and every, piece of jewelry they touch. The beauty of your original ring will remain – what you’ll gain is the perfect fit.

Is a Retrofit Right for Me?

Rings are typically sized based on your knuckle, not the base of your finger. Unfortunately, that means that traditional rings quite often fit poorly. If you find that your ring twists, turns, slips or is difficult to take off and on, you should consider CLIQ technology. In addition to improper sizing, a CLIQ retrofit might be necessary if your fingers suffer from any of the following conditions:


350 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis and struggle to wear rings comfortably. CLIQ bypasses the joint and alleviates the pain of forcing a ring over a swollen knuckle.

Athletic Lifestyles

If you are an athlete or simply live an active lifestyle, your hands may swell or you may have a history of injury. Just imagine if you could easily remove your ring for safekeeping before your workout and put it back on without struggling.


The changes your body experiences during pregnancy can cause swollen and puffy hands. With CLIQ, you can comfortably wear your ring at the base of your finger without fear of it getting stuck.

Size Fluctuations

Medications, stress, fluid imbalances, diet, and certain medical conditions change the way bodies retain water and electrolytes. Hands show the effects of these changes by swelling and affecting the way basic rings fit. It’s time for rings you can comfortably wear or remove under any condition!


It’s basic anatomy- your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger. A standard ring is excessively large where it is worn, causing pain with something as simple as a handshake and frustration from spinning or twisting.

Weather and Temperature Fluctuation

Whether you’re traveling to different climates or you live in a region where heat and humidity levels change unpredictably, your rings will fit differently. You can reduce the risk of your ring slipping off when it’s cold or getting stuck when it’s hot- CLIQ fits just right!

Let’s Get You Started

To begin the process please use our retail locator to find a CLIQ dealer near you. The jeweler can assess your jewelry and determine your ring size using the